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when white people partake in performative liberalism and use it as an excuse to be subconsciously racist towards their non white peer/friend. usually from the midwest but doesn't have to be. also, usually among the white alternative crowd, predominantly. they make being "liberal" an aesthetic on social media platforms, when in reality, they just need to learn to recognize their implicit bias when their poc friends try and correct them.

they also compare themselves to trump supporters to justify their implicit racism.
they generally fall in the white alternative crowd. they enjoy anime, kpop, weed, indie music, skateboarding, frank ocean, as much as the next alternative person. but they are not as educated or self aware as they could be. a majority of them do hail from breadbasket states. the main reason for this is that midwestern states are by majority, white. so when passive liberalists branch out (for college or other reasons), they have already developed a subconsciously racial superiority complex. surprisingly, a trump supporting white girl from soCal may be less subconsciously racist than a white person from Ohio or Minnesota.

* this is not about all white people, just the ones who choose not to educate themselves.
example 1:

Sally: I put blm in my bio and listen to Green Day on repeat, of course im not racist.

Lucy: yeah but when Chenelle dated Ryan after you did, you became super passive aggressive towards her. You even ended things with him and acted so weird towards Chenelle.. Yet when Kenzie dated him, you didn't care.

Sally: what are you implying?

Lucy: You subconsciously view yourself as superior to Chenelle, our Hispanic friend, than you did Kenzie, another white person. You just perform passive liberalism for the aesthetic.

Sally: You're crazy Lucy. I buy from the activist section at Urban Outfitters, I posted a black square on Instagram,..., I even went against my parents and voted for Biden ...it was such a struggle. I'm too alternative to be racist. I listen to Kpop, Lucy! Would a subconsciously racist person listen to Kpop? Also, there's never been a trump supporter who has as quaint a Stardew valley farm as I do. Because trump supporters would never play such an uwu aesthetic game.

example 2:

Ryan: are you seriously breaking up with me?

Chenelle: you never tell your friends to quit the Latina jokes.

Ryan: but im your uwu white boy of the month. :(

Chenelle: poc people on twitter invented the "white boy" of the month jokes. we've gone over this. when you say it or let it fuel your ego, it's not cute. you didn't act this way Kenna left you a few months ago. recognize your superiority complex.
by readerimauledhim October 01, 2021
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a name for a boy that indicates they are of the sensitive nature; typically likes reading and the arts...a right side of the brain type of person; pulls off the soft boy aesthetic with ease. Has soft slightly curled hair that smells like mint. Wardrobe consists of knitted, oversized sweaters. Is not fragile about their masculinity. Is someone you can go on adventures with or spend the entire day lounging around, Basils have a way of bringing a tender touch of life into any scenario.

After ten years of marriage, still remains the cute husband you met when you were 17. Looks very cute grocery shopping and sorting through the organic market's fresh selection of herbs. Make you love domestic life because as stated earlier, can literally add life to any situation.

If you know a Basil, throw away all preconceived notions and marry him (regardless of your gender).
Girl: My husbando took me to an art museum for our twentieth anniversary. Afterwards, we listened to some lofi pop in cafe while it rained outside.

Girl 2: Cheryl, you guys are 40 but it's sweet you guys still date like teenagers in 2020.
Girl 1: Well my husband is such a Basil. He loves nostalgia and I love him.

Girl 2: Well this explains why your son is named Basil Jr.
by readerimauledhim February 19, 2020
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a term to describe the phenomenon of how easy it is to become viral in 2021. this widespread phenomena occurs in large part due to the growing number of people both creating and consuming content on social media platforms, compared to five years ago.

while it's a natural progression of our collective societal attention, the social ramifications should also be considered. one of those being, an appalling number of people are blending their online personas with their everyday realities. while at the forefront, this is harmless. we'll only be able to really dissect the affects of this cultural shift in about ten years, when more of the masses have rejected aspects of their waking real lives for the cultivation of an online persona.

overall, people should just remember real life can be just as fulfilling as the online content they both make and consume. mindful meditation and designated introspection time should be prioritized.
Josh: yo can you believe this 13 year old has 17k + followers on tiktok? that's a big number.

Jared: perhaps in 2010, that would have been impressive. but everyone and their cat has a tiktok account. I have 5 accounts right now. and im following that content creator on two of them. hopefully there's no social ramifications of our society's rapid shift towards a social media driven culture.

Josh: oh sorry, I couldn't hear that last part. I was just using 75% of my last paycheck to make this one tiktok. you know I have 50k subscribers on my YouTube channel? all I do is post mushrooms with aesthetic music in the background.

Jared: while your personal expression is definitely worth celebrating, you should also recognize it's laissez-faire virality. don't go to insane lengths for the internet clout. remember who you were before you posted the mushroom videos.

Josh: you're just jealous that I'm a content creator. all you do is meditate all day.

Jared: the other day you said you'd buy Elon musk's brain implant to stream your lofi beats more efficiently.

Josh: im buying it on credit. so what?
by readerimauledhim October 01, 2021
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someone who contains both asian and caucasion ethnicity

some wasians may feel "special" that they are mixed race due to the fact that wasians may have (and most likely) grew up with parents who based their children's identity off the fact that they're "different" for being mixed race, when in reality their parents were not breaking any radical racial norms (or maybe they were; really depends on the circumstances of when you were conceived; not trying to invalidate anyone's experiences )...but in the end, your dad just really wanted that cooch

wasians are also more prone to having a racial identity crisis(as most mixed race people will go through) and the struggle of being too asian for one side and too white for the other (depending on how assimilated/educated the prior generation is)

all in all, being wasian is more a state of mind than it is an ethnic identity. what makes you unique is not based off what race your parents were but rather all the internal qualities that create who you are. wasians are special in the sense that a majority of wasians (at least in america would not exist without the technological and social developments found in the latter half of the 21st century, but as i have stated earlier, the inner qualities of a person are what truly matter

-a fellow waisan
Person: wasians on tiktok be wildin'

Wasian: well our parents raised us that way

Person: oh, what race are you?

Wasian: well my dad's from vietnam and my mom's polish
Person: wow, that's a nice mix
Wasian: please stop

Helen: damn I wish i looked like that waisan on tiktok

Howard, a waisan: Helen, you're literally captain of the debate team and got a 5 on all your ap exams; our societies' hyperfixation on race is indicative of the overall problem of prioritizing outer qualities over inner qualities; while racial inequality and underrepresentation in hollywood are still very legitimate problems, we should not reduce ethnicities to beauty trends
by readerimauledhim May 12, 2020
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