A tender touch is a loving, slow, gentle touch that makes your senses go wild, every little caressing movement driving you into ecstasy
"Upon her tender touch, in her arms, my knees can't help but weaken ♥"
by leetNightshade December 27, 2009
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In restaurant service the "tender touch" is when a server (typically female - due to social taboos regarding men touching women they don't know... Or touching other men they don't know) puts their hand on the guest shoulder and then leans into answer or ask a question, taking order, or thank them for their business. Typically employed by young female servers with older male patrons. A tactic used to generate a better tip.
When dropping the check, the female server used the tender touch, leaned in, and thanked the gentleman for dining at the restaurant tonight.
by Chanarchy September 20, 2019
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