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A person who is either mixed with black and white or a black person who has a lighter complexion. Light skin is not to be confused with white people. Most lighskins like Chris Brown, usher, and Drake. They usually are attractive. You better watch out because the Probably can and will steal your girl if you got one.
*Man you listen too Chris Brown and Drake? You so lightskin
Stop squinting in your photos, your acting like a lightskin
by Dohboy February 09, 2015

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a Miller Lite. originates from Nick Lachey who always drinks Miller Lite on the show Newlyweds.
pass me another lachey.
by dohboy August 26, 2006

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A person (usually a female) appearing as they are expected to be. Usually following the typical stereotypes.
She is wearing ugs and is at Starbucks, what a basic Bitch.
by Dohboy March 09, 2015

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White girls vary in all catagories except being white. Its best to address them in their habitat of Starbucks. They love boy bands. They say they love all kinds of music. They can give you the life stories of people in one direction but can't name 3 people in the Beatles. White girls hunt in packs, hunting down any cute Boys so they can talk about him, date him, and then break up with him saying how it's all their fault until they are back up. White girls are connving. Especially to others. Their natural appearance conists of ugs, yoga pants, booty shorts, vans or converse. Each one wields a iPhone, in which they use to spread information about themselves and others. usually 5th generation or up. If you encounter a white girl, avoid eye contact because if you don't they will fall in "love" with you and hook on you forever. And never, ever. EVER tell it anything personal because soon the whole city will know. If you are in an area always have 2 Starbucks gift cards and a fake concert ticket to throw and distract it.
Starbucks equals the white girl best
by Dohboy February 09, 2015

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