Barin is a name meaning a super cool and popular person. Most people with this name is very intelligent. They will be a great friend if your ever need one. Also these people with this name are very strong at most, and will beat you up easily.
Ex: “Oh my god! Barin is so smart!”
by hellobarin October 17, 2019
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One of the cutest people on the planet, Rubik's cube genius and minecraft legend.
by Barieboo November 20, 2021
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You’re short and have no Barin.
by Heavy_Rage February 16, 2021
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When you are fucking a girl with pig tails up the ass and right before you jiz in her asshole you take ur cock out and jiz on her back and then rip out her pigtails and slap it on her back.
Yesterday I was handle barin' some chick when i found out that it was actually my cousin.
by Chrissy T June 28, 2006
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some awsome yter who needs 1000 subs (ps im totally not him lols)
person 1: are you subbed to Barin the noob
person 2: no
person 1: frick you
by ThatNoobWithAhatakabarin June 8, 2021
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"hahahah, that flog Simon has no barins what so ever"
by grrrr-onk October 7, 2022
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Not a noun, not an adjective it is everything. Usually 6'9 inches, 200 pounds and 15 years old

synonym: strong/ hot/ cool
barin is alll muscle! barin is sooo hot
by stoolla October 29, 2021
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