slightly more hectic than hectic
by Anuss February 7, 2018
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Used by aus arabs, esp lebs, to mean Good, Awesome, Crazy, fully sick
Bro moy cuzzin haz a RX3 wiv 26B and NOS it duz SEVENZ I swear to gaawwd it iz HEKTIK bro!
by sideways April 29, 2004
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Gutless pieces of shit, with no respect for others, males/ females or authority, who may be racist and pick on people weaker then they are, usually fight in packs and when a fair fight is shown, they back down. Usually attack with coward or "dog" shots. They are not limited to any race/ religion or area. May also walk around with a ridiculous haircut thinking they are the best thing on earth.
those kids that hang outside of bankstown station smoking and thinking they are king shit are known as a hektik
by fullsikh8r July 11, 2008
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the cutest nigga in the F444mily discord server whos official listed height is 8 foot 36. Cupid hates him so much so he killed his family and he never drops because hes busy being better than you at everything you've ever done
LiL HeKtiK please send open daddy
Stfu bitch im busy ignoring all my other opens and carrying etern4ls
by Literal Uzi Vertical December 23, 2020
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