Nya is simply japanese for meow, while also being fun to use in sentences at random.
Chelsea: Nya Nya~
Sarah: Meow Meow, lol I know what that means!!! ^__^
by Shii-chan December 30, 2009
Nya may be short for Nyaneng or other names. A Nya is usually a kind humorous and beautiful person. You are very lucky if you have a Nya as a friend. Nyas don't have many friends but they have very strong relationships with their friends. Nyas are very shy at first but are outgoing and loud when you get to know them. They can say just one thing and it will brighten your day. They always know how to cheer you up and always have your back. Nyas are also GORGEOUS. They may sometimes be insecure but are mostly very confident. Nyas are skinny but really strong and athletic. If you have a Nya don't lose her
How is Nya so perfect?!?
by Belldud January 9, 2018
Suffix added to the end of sentences uttered by a cat/human-cat in Japanese culture. (mostly anime)

Also see kero.
"I'm a cat-nya!"
"Hi! My name's Mireiyu-nya!"
"I can smell the rarity-nya!"
"I've gotta' stop quoting .hack//DUSK-nya..."
a sweet and friendly girl that is very talented. She's loyal and gorgeous and is a great friend. she loves to laugh and make other people smile
Do you want to go out sometime, Nya?
by shout out the pears April 18, 2015
Nya is a cute girl who is really funny. At first she is shy then once you get to know her she lit asf. She got hella boys in her dm. Everyone wishes that they could be her but won't admit it. Also she won't hesitate to slap a notch if they try her.
Nya is shy at first but one you get to know her.....damn

I wish I could be Nya
by BlueStarGang June 27, 2016
The female Water Ninja in Ninjago She is Jay, the Blue Ninja, 's, girlfriend. She is also Kai's biological sister. She was Samurai X at some point before the world-shattering design change. She is a badass bitch who can kick some serious butt. everyone loves her.
Nya is so badass, i want to be her someday
by WindNinjaLizzie April 22, 2020
Definitely a bad bitch ! A people's person, beautiful, and smart. Nya's are very blunt, saying whatever comes to mind. But a great friend, down for whatever. You'll love Nya , she's a great listener, great sex partner, & has the power to be very successful one day. If you come across a Nya, keep her.
Niq Niq : I met this girl named Nya today and I love her already.

Shannon : girl you trippin, I need to meet her.
by nynastty December 5, 2016