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Smoking hot babe that is both genuine and gentle-spirited; A wonderful girl you can take home to mom but also can't wait to get alone. Extremely talented and confident but not conceited or contrived. Someone you want by your side in both the shadows and the sunlight.
That Raychel will never go out with me. That girl is way out of my league
by Large Hands February 16, 2010
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The culmination of 2 names (ray and rachel) put together. The feeling of being 1 person because they are 2 halves that complete each other. They are always on the same page, say the same things, and just enjoy life together. They are destined to be best friends as well as significant others. No one can keep up with them.
Who are the people that have so many fun shenanigans?

Oh, that's Ray-chel...I wish I could find something like that.
by bearsfan88 June 26, 2012
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A female name. Generally given by the mothers at birth who have a sneaky suspicion their child will grow up to be a drunk depressed cock gobbler who will posses a lacking of all common sense.
Damn...What can I say? She's Raychel. That's for sure.
by poo_master_5000 October 18, 2003
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1)fucking pwns all!
2)girl who drinks way too much
1)Rachel r0x0rz mah world!
2)Goddamn check out that rachel at the bar!CHUG CHUG CHUG!
by THE MAN! March 26, 2003
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1)Leigh's bitch.
2)Skanky whore.
4)Hottest girl alive.
1)Get over here RAYCHEL!
2)That Raychel is sure better then the hookers down the street.
4)Wow! It's a Raychel!
by Leigh :) March 24, 2003
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A Female who lives in the hood that has no ambition, goals, moral or ethic codes. A female that is a hood,food stamp receiving gold-digger creating drama and fights.
Why do you have to be a RAYchel of the family!
by Gabrielle Martez March 18, 2011
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