Mobster:You need the money by tomorrow

Victim:Thats doesn't give me much time for a bank job!

Mobster:I don't care!
by BlackDahliaUndead February 24, 2010
When a car is parked in a haphazard fashion (out of the lines, up on the curb etc). Looks like the driver has left their car like that because they've had to exit the vehicle in a hurry to rush off and quickly get on with something that isn't parking.
Did you see the way Sean parked his Jeep? What a bloody bank job that was!
by kid chameleon October 16, 2003
Using any paper currency in the palm of a hand while sexually massaging the male genitalia.

ie. handjob with money
"Bro, I just found a hundred dollar bill, and i'm out of lotion. I'm bout to give myself the illest bank job ever."

"Yo, my girl got paid yesterday and gave me the best bank job. She used a brand new Hamilton."
by dubducket$ February 27, 2008
When food passes through you very quickly; in and out.
1) Dude, lets get this taco bell to go...
2) Why? lets just eat it here...
1) No way man, taco bell is a total bank job.
by GavinT March 22, 2008
in the process of giving or gettin a blowjob in a bank
kevin: hey janet, can u give me a bank job

janet: ewww no, i'm too busy with brad tonight

kevin: ok,fine i understand
by b-rad-g March 9, 2008
In gambling terms 'Full bank job' means to put a large amount of money on one selection to win such as Red/Black, a particular sports team, or player. The term 'Full bank job' originates from gambling a much larger wager than you usually would. In alot of cases, 'Full bank job' also means to put 90% or more of your betting bank on one single bet.
I've got a good feel about this bet tonight, Full bank job for me.
by Drazzie Kim August 26, 2012
The sight of futile and broken dreams. A place that shows you you are not as smart as you think you are! A world of impossible qualifications for jobs that have already been taken.
Youve been job banked, heres your welfare cheque!
by deaniss February 9, 2012