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When two or more men bump the heads of their penis together.
1. Omg! Last night me and my buddy saw this super hot girl... we made a bet to see if either of us could take her home. She caught on to us and said that Individualy we are not man enough for her.... but she had always wanted to have a MMF threesome! We got a hotel room and before you know it we were banging heads inside her!

2. Last weekend a group of us got drunk and started skinny dipping in apartment pools. At one pool the apartment manager took all the males clothes and locked herself into the rental office because she thought it would be funny to see us try and get away naked. To make matters worse John was too drunk to walk straight so my and my buddy put his arms over our shoulder a walked home banging heads along the way. The girls couldent stop laughing...
by Romandell October 31, 2017
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