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Code for “I’m falling in love with you.” It originates from the Netflix series Everything Sucks!, in which the character Luke promised to use this code word if he found himself falling in love with the lesbian character Kate.

This phrase is generally used on its own with no context.
“If I find myself falling in love with you, I’ll yell ‘banana slug!’ and you can head for the hills.”
by OfAvalor May 10, 2018
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cool little yellow slugs that can meditate on sweatshirts.
DUDE!!! She has a banana slug sweatshirt. It's like so totally meditating. I must have one now!!! *steals*
by colorguardhobbit October 09, 2004
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The act of taking one's flacid penis, putting(or slapping) it on another's face, and getting an erection. A form of foreplay.
The way he banana slugged her in that video was disgusting.
by Anonymous2744 March 03, 2011
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A yellow soft shell slug that has no scientific meaning nor purpose
That banana slug is awesome

Tatum looked on here cause I said banana slug
by Imtotallychildish February 02, 2019
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A wet, flaccid penis, usually after it's been freshly removed from a vagina, mouth, or rectum; thus resembling a slimy little slug. Can be the cause or consequence of ending sex.
(May also be used in verb form - see below)
Example 1:
To everyone's horror, Chris walked out of the bedroom naked with a satisfied expression and an exposed banana slug.

Example 2:
"I wouldn't have stopped pounding her yet, but my drunk was wearing off and I was pretty much banana slugging it by that point."
by bslug February 03, 2010
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