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A girl who is the most beautiful girl inside and out. She is selfless, athletic, health concious and secretly a princess. She is just so amazing it rubs off those who she is around. Did I mention she has the cutest laugh/smile? Because she does.
Any person would be lucky to meet a Tatum.
by Hottstuff23 August 25, 2015
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They may not seem shy but, they are very shy. At times all they need is someone to love them. When they are sad give them a hug and they will show upmost apriciation for what you have given them. They are at times not afraid to speak their minds and they easly gain feelings for People. When they are left out they tend to feel hated. They depend on friends to help them through hard times. This is not an insult
Person:" my friend is such a tatum"
by M8m8m8 January 06, 2015
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Tata is a closing statement, such as 'bye' or 'see you'.
by thnom October 03, 2003
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Used as a farewell statement, can be substituted for "good bye, caio, etc."
Oh, look at the time, I must be going. I'll be at mum's for tea an crumpets. Ta ta.
by |0| November 07, 2003
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One of the biggest savages you will ever meet. She's a dare devil and will do anything you dare her to do. She is very stunning and can amaze you at everything she does. She's also very athletic. She is easy to talk to and just the most amazing and most savage girl ever!
Hey john do you see that girl being a savage?

omg she's so amazing reminds me of a tatum!
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by Girlthatscool December 07, 2015
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a beautiful girl that is the most popular person ever whos cooler then everyone else and who all the guys like..
man, that girl is a tatum
by hercules January 15, 2004
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The best asset of a female. Other related words would be: Boobs, breasts, titties, knockers, fun bags. A cooler word for tits which the female species does not detect, thus allowing men to say tatums in public w/o being slapped.
God Pam Anderson has huge tatums!

Look at the tatums on that bitch
by Kevin J.C. April 03, 2006
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