The common norwegian slang version for testicles, like nuts, though its in singular form (balle - nut).

Often used as an exclamation of dismay or irritation.
Has loosly the same effect as "damn!".
"Balle! Jeg glemte å hente henne etter festen, hun måtte sikkert gå hjem i regnet!

"Damn! I forgot to pick her up after the party, she probably had to walk home in the rain!"
by Geirden Digge October 11, 2007
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A misspelling of your friends last name Valles at a tournament. Followed by making fun of him forever and ever.
by Jason Reynolds January 16, 2005
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short for battle. a ritual in which an unplayed elastomania is released for a certain period of time, competitors must try and get the best time
im bored, new balle?
by jaytea June 26, 2005
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French slang for Euros (€)
'Wesh frère tu pourrais me prêter 10 balles?'
= 'Yo bro could you lend me 10€'
by Blaos684 October 30, 2017
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