A euphemism for a person that goes above and beyond to satisfy an authoritative figure
"Greg is a ball washer for cleaning the teacher's overhead projector"
by blair witfae November 02, 2007
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A person who sucks up to a teacher, boss, or a person with higher status.
Look at Phil stay late to help out the Mr.Thompson, what a ball washer.
by DWG99 November 12, 2007
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A device avaliable for use on most private and public golf courses. You insert your dirty balls into the device, turn the handle a few times and they come out squeaky-clean!!1
Oh shit! my new NOODLE ball fell into the mud...better run it through the ball washer.
by JEff April 12, 2005
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Someone who follows those of higher social standing and backs them no matter what. They will stick up for their hero, even when their hero has been proven to be a bad person, scammer, thief or general scumbag.
Man, Truck and BBi have the ball washers that totally ignore their scams.
by Big Nasty 153 October 13, 2017
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A man who sucks up to the boss to try to get ahead at or keep their job. The ballwasher will stop at nothing to keep their job and all morals go out the window. The term BALLWASHER is especially wide spread in the philadelphia area trade unions where bum tradesman who suck at their job will ball wash with a smile.
Guy #1: Yo bro, did you see dave bring donuts and coffee in for john this morning?

Guy #2: Yea what a hard core ball washer!
by Taggdawg September 16, 2018
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