A casual conversation or discussion without being too serious.
Let’s just do some Bakar to pass our time
by psdixit November 5, 2021
Understanding, non-judgemental, self-less, and complex individual. He thrives off experience, he might come off as rude and impolite but when you get to know him he is can be kind and Likes to share with others and always puts in a smile.
He was t talking to us he’s a bakar.
by Heyhey14 July 31, 2019
Someone good at something eg bw usually plays with a zhiddax
Yoo that is a bakar
by Yallhiddas May 7, 2020
an meaningless and pointless argument or gossip, by some funny guy.
he's just a bakar without any sense at all.
by PaaWan April 15, 2016
Short for bakarchod i.e one who fucks a goat. Meant for a idle person who loves to have derogatory fun.
Abhi bakar kaatne ka time nahi hai,padhai kar.(No time for fooling around.Now's the time for studies)
by Tom Cruise August 5, 2003
Is a very nice guy, understands a lot of women but never leaves his brother for a woman. He's got a sick style, he's unique. Very open fellow
Abu Bakar Abu
by bbabababu November 24, 2021
👸🌹💐 @hafizmuhammadabubaker786920
Hafiz Muhammad Abu Bakar said “God bless your family” and
I hope your family is doing well
by rainersbigolfan May 26, 2019