Term applied to women by people who wish they were the person in question. Person usually has some extraordinary talent or gift. Usually very good looking, a lot of money and gifted in a certain area. The 'people' call this person 'basic' because that is exactly what they are and cant measure up to her levels of success.
Charlotte: Shes just a bw.

Lisa: You're a hater, dont be jealous.
by Arcel November 10, 2007
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short for 'beautiful woman'.
by bmans January 31, 2008
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"bw" is an acronym for black women
I love bw so much.
by its me cuh April 27, 2021
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"Hey I just lit a firecracker in the girls' locker room"

"bw did you do that?"
by pol.macca.artney February 9, 2016
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a 'bw' is shorthand for 'brandon webster', an underground party icon and suspected money embezzler. In this case, a 'bw' is when one friend steals a girl from another friend.
Man, I really liked this girl Cane.. I wanted to date her even; I brought her over to Brandon's house, and a two weeks later he told me he fucked her last week. He pulled a BW.
by parachute dreams December 7, 2008
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This is when women think they are all that but really they are just BW...Basic Woman
I would hate to come down to her level and become a BW..Basic Woman
by Geovona August 13, 2007
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Black Wall Street, A Compton based Rap organization created by the rapper The Game
by Sqwizzy_BWS July 20, 2005
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