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Short for bakarchod i.e one who fucks a goat. Meant for a idle person who loves to have derogatory fun.
Abhi bakar kaatne ka time nahi hai,padhai kar.(No time for fooling around.Now's the time for studies)
by Tom Cruise August 5, 2003
adjective derived from the historic Face Squad emperors describing someone or something that is sickeningly fly. Looking G'd up. The opposite of southworth.
Damn son, that polo is way freez!
by Tom Cruise April 14, 2005
Indian for "asshole". A swear-word
Abey gaandu, tu kya kar raha hai idhar?
(Hey asshole, what are u doing here?)
by Tom Cruise August 5, 2003
A prostitute broker. Also used as a swear-word.
Agar koi raaand na mile to us bhadve ke paas jana. woh ek dilwa dega. (If you can't find a prostitute, go to the bhadva..he will give u one.)
by Tom Cruise August 5, 2003
A state where a person becomes so confused, thier brain shuts down discontinuing further function, primarily to the mouth and speach function.
Bob: .....*drools*
Dan: See what happens when you come home late from the bar.
See Women
by Tom Cruise November 3, 2004
Phickan is a smart solid insecure person, very kind and have many friends who care about him. If you hear someone screaming, then you know that usually there Phickan who have been happy for anything. Phickan is a person you can trust and tell all your secrets to.
My name is Phickan
by Tom Cruise December 11, 2016