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The good-natured, almost inebriated feeling after drinking a Baja Blast from Taco Bell. Causes one to stumble, laugh, and chill in large quantities for only a couple bucks.
Tom: Dude, I wanna have fun tonight but I only have like 2 bucks

Carter: Well shit man, lets get fucking Baja Blasted!
by DaddiSqueeze September 29, 2011
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When one is about to partake in becoming themselves in an overly intoxicated state.
"Aye ma nigga, we bouts to go get Baja Blasted tonight or what?"
"Brooo, I'm baja blasted as fuck right now!"
"This acid got me fuckin BAJA BLASTED!!!! BRO!"
"Bro, this , bro, bro listen, bro, I'm, bro no listen, bro I'm bro I'm baja blasted ok? Tell Janet to walk! You got tree fitty?"
by RealNigga2000 August 22, 2018
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