This is what occurs when you are eating a particularly enticing food. You get so excited to eat it you practically orgasm, thus resulting in a foodgasm. Some instances of this may include:
1. Becoming weak in the knees
2. Eyes rolling back in head and moaning while possibly shouting "this is so fucking good!!"
3. Taste so overwhelming you have to take breaks between bites to keep from shutting your system down.
The smooth taste and texture of the turkey swiss Potbelly sandwich was enough for Ronny to have multiple foodgasms.
by Alex March 16, 2004
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When something taste soooooo good that you can't explain how amazing it is.
Person 1: I had such a foodgasm last night.
Person 2 : What did you eat?
Person 1: My mom made some good ass tacos. I was thinking about them for the rest of the night.
by misslissa December 21, 2015
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when you eat food and you feel like you're having an orgasm in your mouth
"duuude, that burger that you posted on instagram looked sooo good"
"yeah it was, i had a total foodgasm from it"
by itsdanisunshine February 4, 2014
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the euphoric sensation upon tasting amazingly delicious food.
That dessert was so good I had a foodgasm
by Nancy Richmond September 3, 2008
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Often had by foodies or very stoned people, it's the incredibly satisfying feeling you get immediately following the first bite of something that tastes really good. Could be steak. Could be Cheez Whiz. It is exactly the epicurian delight you needed at that particular time.
Woah, my girlfriend and I had simultaneous foodgasms at that new restaurant last Friday!
by TissPee May 4, 2007
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When you deeply are in love and care about this one good, it's your whole life, and you decide to take one step further... and slowly insert into your mouth, and have a climax....and a sensation like no other.
Oh my god pizza is making my leg shake 😂 I think I'm bout to have a foodgasm
by Pigletlover247 November 19, 2016
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when you taste something so good there are literally no words to describe it
Oh my God, I'm having a foodgasm right now, this donut is amazing!
by ttsy January 14, 2009
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