1. Someone with no talent and brains that somehow ends up more fortunate than you.

Example: Scott Baio
Man he gets all the breaks what a Baio!
by dude December 04, 2003
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Basic All-In-One
The most simplified and concise scrypnosis logic discourse allowing the most change and growth in the least amount of time.
To achieve the higher highs without drugs, he use the scrypnosis euphoia BAIO.
by David Brager November 09, 2003
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The handsome bassist of Vampire Weekend. He enjoys wearing cardigans and is known for his badass dance moves.
Kristan: Hey! Did you see Ezra last night on Letterman? He was looking fine!
Rheanne: What about Chris Baio, didn't you see his sweet ass dance moves? He was totally owning it!
by cheesefactor April 17, 2011
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Star of the gayest show on Television, "Scott Baio is 57 and still single because he is the biggest TOOL on the planet."
Elmer: "Have you seen that new show on VH1?"
Morty: "Yea, the one with that former childstar, Scott Gayo, ooops, I mean Scott Baio"
Elmer: "Yes, that's it. Do you like it?"
Morty: "I'd rather watch ice melt, that guy is a whiney ass beeeeotch!!"
by twist weeblow August 28, 2007
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1. One of the most fetid and painful farts that humankind emits. Starts off as a loud, noisy blast, then quickly dwindles into silent, hot burning gas out of a person's anus.

2. A long, smelly, very foul fart that is usually accompanied by diarrhea.
"Clear the room! Somebody just Scott Baio'd!"

"I ate so many prunes that I got an attack of the Scott Baios."

" Hey, Guys! Let see if I can produce a blue flame when I Scott Baio!"
by Jewel64 April 22, 2010
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The two fluid, blood-and-puss-mixed cesspool leaking through your underwear after accidentally ripping a rotten scab off your dick
Bruh, I think you should get that Double Baio checked out by a doc.
by Alt_noods January 06, 2018
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