Rheanne is a beautiful girl that loves everyone. She never holds grudges and is most of the time happy. She can be very sensitive but can boss up when needed too. She only likes tall guys, and doesn’t care about how they look. She seems to fall in love with guys that start with M,A,J and N. You are lucky to have a Rheanne in your life she’s a real one. But a lot of people take her for granted. If you have one in your life keep her, she won’t always be there even if she forgives.
Chris: I saw a beautiful girl today, her name is Rheanne.
Rachel: oh I know her she’s so pretty and nice.

David: yo Micheal guess what!
Micheal: what?!
David: I think this girl Rheanne really cares about me.
Micheal:treat her good and she’ll always treat you the same.
by Micheal.k June 29, 2018
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Rheanne is a hot woman. She’s very shy and doesn’t like being in all the attention. She can be very loyal but if a guy is lacking she’ll start lacking too. Your lucky to have one. She’s a great friend.
Rheanne your so shy but so cute at the same time.
by Micheal.k June 29, 2018
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(French) girls name meaning great queen or goddess. Other similar names are Raeanne, Rhéann, Raeann, Rhéanna, Raeanna. Pronounced (RAY Anne).
Perhaps Rhéanne's momma should've spelled her name "RayAnn" so that people would say it right.
by Rhéanne's Momma January 23, 2013
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A very tall, lovely, voluptuous milk maid, with flowing light hair, typically from Canada. Loves her ministry, polka dancing with her Dad, violin music, typically an amazing gourmet pastry chef. Many times has twin siblings and an odd attachment to Doobies.
What a lovely Rheanne!

Can we share your Rheanne?
by SueSR February 02, 2010
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An extreme form of slut, known for preying on other girls boyfriends and stalking them over facebook. Rheannes are desprate and have massive penis's, they'll fuck anything that moves and claim they love somebody but actually 'love' every man in a 20 mile radius.

Rheannes usually have problems with people called, Amy, Michael, Abby, Jordan and Katie. They'll stop at nothing to ensure they make their lives miserable and try to take their boyfriends off them. Rheannes also like to give out blowjobs like they're quickly going out of fashion.
Dude you see her?

Yeah she's such an slut
Rheannes are sluts
by 0123456678 January 26, 2018
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