Someone who has muscles on their back (naturally or by flexing).

The look of having triceps and biceps on your back muscles.
girl 1: whoooa, check out that hottie!
girl 2: Daaaang gurl, that boy's got a kickass backpack

boy 1: Yo, check out my backpack!
girl 1: sigh, i wish my boyfriend carried a backpack like yours...
by RRELLO February 18, 2010
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backpack is a replacement for any sexual body part.
"heyyy papi, i have fat fingers, just like my... backpack"
by bbc brotha March 04, 2019
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To get smacked down so hard you never get back up again. Usually used in non-digital esports, such as Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, or Pokemon. This term originates from someone trying to look at the round pairings and the neckbeard in front of them turns quickly, smashing them with a backpack full of nerd-cardboard.
I backpacked that mother fucker in round 3; he quit the whole damned tournament and sold his deck to the vendors.
via giphy
by Backpack Grinder September 22, 2018
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A person who rides your back so hard you need to pry them off. Often a co-worker, teacher or manager in professional settings but could also be a significant other, semi-friend or admirer in social settings.
Rick was tagging along with us at the club last night. He just followed along behind me all night. I'm not taking him out anymore. He's such a backpack!


My boss just looms over my desk all day. He's constantly riding me. What a backpack!
by Original Dave July 15, 2011
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Hey, Joe. Did you hear that new rap song by Lil' Fo'Sheezy?

Fuck, no. You non-artistic cunt. Only People who hate music would listen to that mainstream bullshit. I only listen to backpack rap.
by FagginBlagginBloodleDoodle October 13, 2009
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(n) A person that contributes nothing but an overall dour disposition. Typically univited, but tolerated out of a sense of pity.
Dude, that Chris guy is becoming a real backpack! He just shows up and waits for us to entertain his sorry ass.
by Vaness July 11, 2005
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When a male has a rather large quantity of dip in his lip whilst fucking his female partner. The male then proceeds to eat out the females anus and secretly slides the chaw into the woman's anal cavity. He then shouts "Its chew thirty bitch" and proceeds to dominate her butthole with his cock giving his penis a tingling sensation from the tobacco.
Carsten: Dude im bored as shit right now.
Brett: Same dude lets go backpack the shit out of the fab five.
by Backpack Bandits March 05, 2011
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