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The act of a celebrity having a baby with a one night stand purely for publicity. Later the denial comes out and said celebrity gains loads of promo. Main case is Louis Tomlinson with Briana jungwirth. Many people believe their son, Freddie, is not either of their child. This is because Louis is deeply in love with Harry styles. It's all a stunt to keep "Larry" hidden in the closet. larry larry stylinson
Babygate just needs to die, It's pathetic and it's making Louis seem like a person he's not. Not to mention he's not happy.
by zlessedlarry June 13, 2016
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'Babygate' is the brouhaha that followed in the wake of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin being tabbed by John McCain as his GOP vice presidential running mate. 'Babygate' alleged that Sarah Palin's Down Syndrome baby Trig was actually the out-of-wedlock offspring of Sarah's teen-aged daughter Bristol, and that Sarah had 'appropriated' Bristol's baby as her own to avoid the scandal of unwed motherhood within a staunchly Fundamentalist home. Adding fuel to the Babygate rumors, during the last five months of Governor Palin's unannounced and unobserved pregnancy with Trig, Bristol Palin had been absent from school owing to 'mononucleosis.'
"As if Babygate wasn't enough! I just read that Bristol Palin is five months pregnant! That little tramp can't walk the block without catching...something."
by Mo Dixley September 01, 2008
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When a gay male gets a fake baby with a women to act like he is straight
Did you see Louis with Freddie. Wow that's such a babygate. Louis is so gay
by Sully from monsters inc September 07, 2017
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To restrict someone under the age of 18+ from doing anything or to leave them out of activities simply because they are not 18.
This includes swearing around them, making any innuendos, etc.
John: Hey! Let's go to the park or something.
Stephanie: Uhh.. No thanks.. I'm not going anywhere with Lucas, he's 15. We'll get in trouble.
Lucas: You're just going to babygate me because I'm not 18?
by littlehighlittlelow October 16, 2017
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