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The premature termination of a sexual act.

Always used in the context of disappointment by one party.

Generally used in the context of a willful termination of a sexual act by one party for selfish reasons. However, variants including forced termination due to interruption or boredom are accepted.
"Dude, Lucy blue balled me something fierce. We were getting it on and her phone rings. Next thing I know, she pulling an Alaskan Governor on me. She puts her clothes on and says her grandma is sick and leaves. Turns out it was the mechanic and her car was ready two hours early."

"I was watching that new 'Burka Burka Gangbang' video you sent me and my friggin' roommate came home. I had to Alaskan Governor the whole situation."

"Damn Cindy. I don't know why you stay with that man. Sure, he's great at foreplay, but that's no compensation for being an Alaskan Governor."
by Gliscameria April 19, 2010
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