The act of spitting prechewed food into someone else's mouth.
No baby birding, please. I do wanna look at that.
by zimmygirl777 December 30, 2022
The art of baby birding requires a liquid, either water or booze, being drank by one individual and spit into another individual's mouth for pleasure and shared enjoyment.
I got so tanked last night. I couldn't refuse a single baby bird. Baby birding gets me everytime.
by Spitfam April 4, 2014
When you cum in a girls mouth, she doesn't swallow then she passes your cum back to you while making out.
Baby birding. Last night my girl baby birded me, I need to eat more pineapple.
by The baby bird February 13, 2016
Is where a guy cums into another guys mouth, then the guy with the mouthful of cum feeds it into another guys mouth like a mama bird feeding her young. Most appropriate in a nest.
John is going to perform the act of baby birding with Joe after the Christmas party
by TW Hustle April 18, 2019
An annoying kid who always wants to be the main center of attention.
Person: Carl is such a baby bird
by Ace the simp December 17, 2022
An immature sexual prank. Sitting in a public place, pull your balls out of your pants and cup your hands over them, leaving just a glimpse of pink exposed (this only works if your white). Then tell your approaching victims (preferably girls) that you have just found a baby bird that has fallen from its nest. The bit of nutsack resembles the skin of a newly hatched bird. Explain that the bird is shy and doesn’t like the light, but invite them to take a closer look. In the midst of conversation the hands are casually dropped, and the victims are left fawning over what is now obviously a pair of balls. The key to pulling this off is doing it when it would be least expected (e.g. in gym class).
"Hey guys look, I found a baby bird"
by sleepinggrass January 21, 2005