When a girl has a guy's baby in order to establish or maintain a relationship or, to obtain child support. On rare occassions, they try having a man's baby in order to steal them from another female.
The only reason Mike and Alexis are together is because Alexis Baby-trapped him.
by F-40 February 29, 2004
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When a male attempts to impregnate a woman who he finds very attractive in order to maintain a relationship with her, physically and financially, for eternity.
"I would totally baby trap Jessica Simpson." ~K-Fed
by ASA Casey Hunter, Esquire August 4, 2009
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Baby trapping is when a female tells a male that she is taking or is on birth control, but really is not, and both parties agree to have consensual sexual relations. However, the male is under the impression that birth control is present and therefore feels comfortable to ejaculate inside the female. The female is hoping to become pregnant from this and therefore trap the male by doing so.
Becky told me she was planning to lie to her boyfriend Jason about being on birth control so he would have sex with her without a condom.

I told her, "Bitch, you crazy. That's baby trapping! He won't stay with just cuz you're pregnant."
by valdra April 22, 2017
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Term used for an open five-gallon bucket.

Especially one with a volume of water or other liquid in it which would be capable of drowning a small child if it fell into it head-first.

Named so because of the popular warning graphic often on the side of five-gallon pails that depict a small child head-first inside a bucket.
Put the lid on that baby trap, we don't need any more drowned children on this work-site.
by joel levi February 5, 2011
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to be held down against your will for fear of waking the baby that has just fallen sleep on you or in your arms.
"I really wanted to change the channel, but i was baby-trapped and couldn't reach the remote."
by JayTee24 March 16, 2015
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Offspring (aka a baby) who is conceived to trap the baby's momma or daddy.
I wasn't sure you would like me that much, so I planned to give you a trap baby the first time we had sex
by The MPLS A-Team November 24, 2010
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A child who has one or more parents in the drug dealing business. Not to be confused with “Crack baby” which is a child with one or more parents on crack.
I’m a trap baby, a natural born hustler it’s in my blood.
by Therealtrapbaby August 9, 2018
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