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A disease where the the body's immume system attacks normal human cells and does not fight off infection. A person with Lupus can be in pain at times and care must be taken when they are sick. Contrary to some poeple's belief. A person with Lupus is not waiting around to die. They can live a long and normal life if they constantly monitor thier lupus and take certain precautions.
A person with Lupus needs someone that cares about them to the upmost and have to also be strong!
by F-40 May 28, 2005

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When a girl has a guy's baby in order to establish or maintain a relationship or, to obtain child support. On rare occassions, they try having a man's baby in order to steal them from another female.
The only reason Mike and Alexis are together is because Alexis Baby-trapped him.
by F-40 February 28, 2004

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(1) To get caught up and interested in what someone else has or what they do and, want to be involved in it.

(2) To dislike someone for a certain period of time and then all of a sudden like them for materialistic reasons once, you've found out about thier status or what they have.
(1) Shannon's catching the vapors over that guy who drives the Lexus.

(2) Ron turned her down in high school, now that he sees her, he caught the vapors because she's with another person.
by F-40 May 16, 2004

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A girl who hangs around Military bases and tries to get with the Male personnel who goes on leave. They usually have older cars to drive them around in and usually know what days thier leave is. When they get with them, they usually settle into a romance and try to baby trap them. Some just like hanging out with guys in the military and for others, it's a scam to work into making the guys take care of them. Navy version is Shore Rat
Damn, those Army Rats never give others guys a chance but, they will do whatever these guys tell them to.
by f-40 June 02, 2004

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(1) A person who dates interracially or conforms only to affairs of another race because, they believe thiers is inferior, or for selfish personal gain.

(2) Any person who changes their values and/or standards to gain money, fame, or any other materialistic matter.
(1) Some Black Girls will criticize Black Guys and, try to get pregnant by a white guy in the military to live off of his paycheck! (it happens alot)

(2) Ja Rule used to be one of the best gangsta rappers until, he started singing because someone believed he would sell more units.
by F-40 December 05, 2004

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(1)Marijuana usually laced with other drugs (PCP,Crystal Meth, heroin, embalming fluid) to make the high hit harder. Basically, the Marijuana version of a Dipper.

(2) Counterfeit Marijuana that is simply regular grass with household chemicals to give you a funny high. Made by drug dealers who feel that they can make it cheaply at the price of regular marijuana.
(1) Jake is tripping off of that ghost weed he bought outside.

(2) They beat up that drug dealer after they found it was nothing but Ghost Weed
by F-40 February 28, 2004

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Brooklyn is the southernmost area of Baltimore, Maryland. It is best known for mixed couples, drug users and sellers and, people on Welfare. There are a few decent people there though
The City side is Brooklyn

The County side is Brooklyn Park

Both Areas are violent!
by f-40 July 16, 2004

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