A Malaysian and Indonesian word which means pig. Yes, pig.

In Indonesia, it's just a simple word.

In Malaysia, however, it's a top tier insult used by almost everyone who thinks it's the right thing to say during an argument. Perhaps the only word that can beat it is pukimak.

If you say it in front of your parents, you better pack your valuables and live in the jungle for the rest of your life or; get ready for some ass whooping by your dad and a flip flop flying right to your face. This is not an exaggeration.
Me: *sees a bastard peeing on my car*

Dave: "Your mom is a whore."
David: "You Babi!"
by NagaJagung January 8, 2020
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In Malaysia , babi mean pretty
A : Sial !
B : Wah , babi nye perangai !
by kipasataskerusi May 12, 2020
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Literally better than every other name. Also, a CSGO god who will one tap you. Do not make fun of him or he will absolutely destroy you, your mum, and her coochie.
Bob: Dude I hate Babi.
John: What have you done you insulate fool. you have doomed us all. He will come for us and our moms.
by sbalamsbab June 29, 2019
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A Malaysian word for complimenting someone. It can mean a lot of things such as: "beautiful, handsome, pretty, stylish, baby, babe and literally every complemental word you can think of!" It's one of the best ways to 'tie the knot'!
You're such a babi
You look like a babi
Hey babi
by Asain March 31, 2022
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"Babi" is what you are called if you are an OffGun fan. The fandom are called "Babis"

Additional Information:
Gun calls Off "Papii" and Off calls Gun "Babii"

"Papii" is an evolved "Puppy" which gun had previously started to call Off. (I think it was in some series)

Omg the gif below is literally how Gun's puppy looks

If you are interested in who are OffGun, then there are their insta accs:

Off: @tumcial
Gun: @gun_atthaphan
They are both Thai Bl actors
I am a Babi because I stan OffGun.
by AviRiias May 8, 2020
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