When you left click and you kill someone in gabe newells cs:go
Purple: Get one tapped Faggot
Green: Think your hard gee?
by chin49 October 30, 2015
Getting killed in one action/shot in any game, could also be used in real life.
*shoots one shot from pistol, and opponent dies* Dude got fucking one tapped.
by AMP3X February 11, 2019
When you kill an enemy player in a singular shot while they were at full health, usually from a headshot. Originated from and used in video games from the Counter Strike series.

Abbreviations can include, but are most likely not limited to:
Orange: *Shoots Green in the head, killing them instantly*
Orange: Get one tapped, nerd.
by sigmalol January 20, 2020
An act of getting killed in one shot, most often in the head, in first-person shooters, such as Counter-Strike.
Sick one-tap, bro!
And the ScreaM simply one-tapped the AWP-er, divine!
by n00bE March 17, 2019
When your in a competitive game and get one tapped by an opponent.
eg. Getting one tapped by an opponent using an ak-47
by CXLZ November 21, 2016
A phrase commonly used by annoying swines who play fortnite, used in scenarios where the player they have damaged has been brushed with a bullet but they insist they are low
by needfriends? May 3, 2018
Adil Benrlitom aka ScreaM started working with Finalmouse to create his own mouse called "ScreaM One." They made an ad for that mouse which was featured in the big CS:GO Major MLG Columbus. When Adil said the line "They talk about my one taps", it quickly became a huge meme in the CS:GO Community.
xxx_NoScoper_xxx: Yo that was an awesome shot bro!
ScreaM: Well what can I say? They talk about my one taps


People, they know me as the headshot machine
They know me from the highlights they see
They know me from the matches they watch
They talk about my one taps
by AmoRami June 22, 2016