An offensive word used in Malaysia. It means 'mother's cunt'. Often directed to another person (pukimak kau!), and sometimes used as a general expression of anger (pukimak!!!!). Almost similar in usage to the word 'fuck' in English. Though not literally similar.
While jogging, Abu's ass got bitten by a dog. He screamed, "pukimak!!!!!"
by zeroshit October 26, 2007
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pukimak means you're cute.
Hi babe,yo're so pukimak for me.
by habisla December 30, 2022
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Vulgar/curse word when you are really angry to any kind of people
PukiMak punya pemimpin! Mentang-mentang dapat kerusi, rakyat dilupakan langsung. Siang malam pagi petang asyik nepotisme! Asyik kronisme! Asyik isi perut sendiri saja!- SHIT
by Betman February 23, 2016
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to express wonderment at an abnormal situation.
"Pukimak! I thought these stairs only went down, not up!"
by M Ishak May 27, 2003
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it's a cursing word that always used in Malaysia / Singapore ( maybe) and also Indonesia (Sorta).
this word also shorten into kimak .

puki: pussy.
mak: mother.

or fully means, "your mother's pussy"
P1: Ui. I tell your crush that I inai his name at your back.
me: pukimak kau la!
by alwrongboi September 8, 2019
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