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BPP: (Acronym) Bored People Problems

Problems expressed on social media by people who are so bored they complain about issues that are absolutely worthy of being ignored.
Example Facebook post

Len: Just saw the new Incredibles movie. The font they chose for the credits was SO PLAYED OUT.
Billiam: dude. BPP.
Len: Just sayin', really? If you aren't even going to try, might as well use Papyrus like the rest of the hacks.
Billiam: Damn Len, how bored ARE you?
by dilbrent June 22, 2018
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Short for Black Panthers Party. A Major revolutionnary force that emerged in the late 60's to fight against police brutality and segregation. Founded by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in 1966, the party aiming to defend the rights of black people as non violent organizations were failing. Unlike most of racist rednecks thought throughout the world, the BPP established social programms and a welfare system that were efficient. Furthermore, its members were victims of unfair trials and arbitrary murder planned by one of the worst piece of sh*t who has ever lived, Edgar Hoover.
Some silly idiots are still thinking that the BPP has killed many cops and were some books and shut up!
The BPP revealed the weakness of a country that is obsessed when it comes to socialism, revolt and black people.
The BPP will remain a willingness of equality and freedom from a still persecuted part of the US population.
Sure if I was black, I wouldn't live in the US...
Bobby Hutton, Fred Hampton, Alprentice Carter, Zayd Shakur, Geronimo Pratt, Bobby Seale....all were locked up or killed just because they were right. The BPP scared pussy Hoover and untolerant bastards.
by TeeBo September 20, 2006
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Big Pimpin Posse, a mad cunt group which lives on. A group of three memebers, one a white boy, one a Afghan and one who is the black power. Three Sexiest Cunts known to women.
BPP say, Lets do some chaddy lapz
by Coopey August 10, 2006
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Shortend word for Big Pudgy Penguin
Wow, thats a Big Pudgy Penguin
by Chris October 05, 2004
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British Petroleum Phail

Implies that there is a lot of failure involved in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
Sue: "Wow, have you seen how BP has covered everything in oil? And they haven't even figured out a way to fix it!"

Sam: "Oh, you mean the company now known as BPP? All those poor animals. Phail."
by PallyGirl June 12, 2010
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