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1.) big mother-fucking gun
2.) a 1/2 inch wide (.50-cal) bullet full of whup-ass, dubbed "Browning Machine Gun" after the heavy machine gun it is used in (the M2HB). Barrett also has a full line of Sniper and hunting rifles that use the .50 BMG round. It has the capability to penetrate light armor and an entire engine block of a truck, completely immobilizing it from a fair amount of distance. Not to mention the fact that it would take off the limb of a human if shot placement is correct.
I need more .50 BMG rounds to take out those insurgents!
by Gagnatron May 23, 2005
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(Badass Mofo Gangstas) - A well known, and well organized gangster crew from Denmark. Mostly known for armed robberies, assaults, drugpushing, rape and carjackings. Their hoods are spread out around Denmark, but mostly around the capital Copenhagen, and it's suburbs.
nigga 1: sup mayn, u'erd 'bout them BMG's smashing up da club?

nigga 2: yeah man, sick shit

nigga 1: word mayn
by macshizzle November 20, 2006
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Be my guest, to be used when someone says something like "Well i'll just do this then" the reply is "Be my guest" or "Bmg"
Bob: I'll just buy halo and halo 2
Bob: that will cost me £60
Bob: and buy the 360 when it comes out
Bill: bmg
by Tartarus September 11, 2005
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Guido slang to call one of their own. Bro mingia Guido
Hey Vincenti your my bmg.
by Mpvincenti June 25, 2010
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Used as another word for sweet, sick, nasty, sicknasty etc. An acronym for "Blue Man Group"
"That is SO BMG!"
"If your name is Todd Peppers, you are most definitely NOT BMG."
by Name Currently Unknown February 06, 2009
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