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Be my guest, to be used when someone says something like "Well i'll just do this then" the reply is "Be my guest" or "Bmg"
Bob: I'll just buy halo and halo 2
Bob: that will cost me £60
Bob: and buy the 360 when it comes out
Bill: bmg
by Tartarus September 11, 2005

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based on the latest Egg card advers in the UK, where when someone gets an egg card, something incredibly dumb happens elsewhere.
*Jack falls flat on his face after reaching the top of a flight of stairs*
John: Well, someone just got egg
by Tartarus January 07, 2006

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Abbreviation of "Get your ass over here". Polar opposite of GTFO, an invitation with urgency rather than dismissal.
More commonly used in communication where people know each other, rather than anonymous. Can be used in an online game, for example sending some a /tell to get to a particular zone, or to imply physical movement - to get their ass to someone's house/flat/apartment/room/dorm
PersonA: "I have a severe hunger for a new game, but am stone broke"
PersonB: "I have found a $50 bill in my pocket"
PersonA: GYAOH
PersonA: NOW.
by Tartarus December 28, 2006

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Ayf = All your Face, as in, All your face are belong to us, the battlecry of the alien facehggers from the alien films. a la all your base
Rob: I'm playing the AVP game
Will: Wow. What as?
Rob: Aliens
Will: Got facehuggers?
Rob: Yes.... why?
Will: So you can say: "AYF"
Rob: ?
Will: As in, "All your face"
Rob: ?
Will: as in, "All your face are belong to us"
Rob: :s
by Tartarus September 22, 2005

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-Online persona for the GREATEST MAN THAT EVER LIVED. EVER.
-"Did you hear about the sexy man Tartarus?"
-"Tartarus is so hot and loving and large penised."
-"Tartarus is better then sex and drugs combined."
by Tartarus June 21, 2003

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