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Built Like A Fighter. A term sometimes used to refer to UFC President Dana White. An article once described White as being "built like a fighter".
Guy #1: BLAF came out and called Tito a puss for ducking their sparring match.

Guy #2: BLAF? Who's that?

Guy #1: Dana White, dude.
by Kyle April 17, 2007
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"Built Like A Fighter"

Used in mma circles, especially the UnderGround Forum at, to describe someone who is not actually an mma fighter, but is built like one. Reputed origin is an article describing Dana White, President of the UFC, as "built like a fighter"; hence, to date, blaf has most often been used in reference to Dana White.
Dana White, the bald-headed, f-bomb dropping, egomaniac, delusional, petty President of the UFC, may not technically be an mma fighter himself, but he is most definitely BLAF!
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BLAFyou say this when you have nothing else to say
person 1: so.....
person 2: BLAF!!
by KT July 27, 2004
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