Comparing someone's body type, usually unfavorably to something else.
Wendy Williams is built like the letter P.
by Waldo89 September 17, 2017
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some shit people say when roasting someone, can have many variants

In certain occasions, they would say "lookin ass" instead
person 1: At least I didn't fail half my classes

person 2: at least I'm not built like an ark character
person 3: DAMN, that one hurt bro
by spoto answers wierd shit July 12, 2022
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to possess courage and strength.
He built like that
by philly cat December 16, 2003
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The last thing you hear before someone ends your entire career by comparing your body type to something like a whale
You built like an iPhone
by ClassyRacc0n June 1, 2019
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Person that is lean and big, with really defined muscles. Ripped, Jacked, or Diesel.
That guy is huge! "He's built like a tank."
by Builtlikeamtlion March 12, 2016
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For one to be built in a way that has ginormous big dick energy.

An individual who may be a church and remains to be a strong member of society.
by Jaxandme March 2, 2021
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