(variation of the roman war helmet) This maneuver is performed by placing your testicles over the eyes of your partner, forming a mask. Then the breathing apparatus is formed by placing the end of your penis into the receiver's mouth. This maneuver if preferably performed in water(bath tub, hot tub, pool etc.)
My girlfriend wanted to go snorkeling in the islands but I couldn't afford it. So instead, I tricked her into snorkeling my penis.
by enice482 April 17, 2008
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Putting your balls into someone's mouth and having your penis stroked at the same time.....
I woke up in my ship's bunk to find that former Congressman Eric Massa was snorkeling me. He had his balls in my mouth and was stroking his cock.
by poopyfriend March 15, 2010
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Verb- the act of placing a woman on her back and licking her asshole while you bury your nose in her vagina; so deep that you're only able to breathe through your mouth
Man, I went snorkeling yesterday and still can't get the taste out of my mouth.
by shanelo April 16, 2011
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the act of getting your dick sucked in a hot tub.
Oh shit, Krista is under the water sucking Girvans dick in the hot tub. Damb that bitch is snorkeling hard core!
by Jeff, steph, nikki, jill January 15, 2009
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The act of drinking one's own cum through a straw after ejaculating in sed partner's rectum.
After sex, Jim went snorkeling in Doug's anus.
by T'ardstrong July 9, 2004
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While receiving a blow job from your partner, you plug their nose at the time of orgasm, cutting off their air supply, causing a gargle affect on your cum.
I go snorkeling six times a week.
by Tyler December 15, 2003
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ok since completely putting your head in someones ass is impossible, there is another definition for this.
when someone at a restaraunt (or anywhere actually) sucks there straw obnoxiously loud when theyve drunk up most of all there drink.
first that dude tells the loudest unfunny joke to the whole restaraunt, then he goes snorkeling, damn what a pigeon fucker.
by rilesworth September 30, 2006
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