A large, warehouse type store such as Sam's Club, or Costco, that contains products cheaper than in any grocery store or department store. Also the point of holding a membership here is that you receive more than you need for a cheaper price. BJ'S also awkwardly has the slang name of oral sex known as a Blow Job, or a BJ. Making you wonder if you're really a pervert every time you say you're going to go to BJ'S.
Wife: Hunny we're out of peanut butter. Would you like to run to BJ'S and get 4 giant tubs of peanut butter for the price of one container you would get at the normal grocery store?

Husband: As long as you give me a BJ when i come back!
by Supaafly August 28, 2008
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(tech jargon for blow job money) 1) money that has been earned from the solicitation of oral sex. 2) a big roll of bills with a majority of the denomenation in Washingtons. 3) money earned from self-employment that the not reported on taxes. 4) money use to solicite favors such as votes, grades, or usual brides 5)a person male or female who commonly asks for favors. Common abbreviation: BJ money or chat BJ$ or BJ.
Nice roll you got there Jim...looks like you've been earning your blow BJ$.

The Mayor will do anything to get votes, and I hear he is running his campaign on BJ$.
by Roland_07 September 11, 2007
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The pluralized short form of blowjob.
(Looking at a plain girl with a hot guy)
Damn, either she puts out or she gives great bjs...
by Belmont September 21, 2005
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Short for beijos, which means 'kisses' in Portugeuse.
Farewell David, good luck, and bjs!
by Hellish November 14, 2004
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Kalin, hook me up with the bj.
Gotcha back bro.
by Elspeth April 19, 2008
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