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Nick-name for Fred Hoiberg of the Minnesota Timberwolves
The Mayor is just unstoppable from the 3-point line
by Jesus Pimp October 28, 2004
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A kid in my class is a water slapper
by jgyhsref January 22, 2020
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one who everyone in the hood turns to when the have a problem, issue, concern, what have you
the mayor usually is smart, and/or has some connections that he can use to help people
the cops been ridin' my ass lately, i think i'ma call the mayor get political on they ass
by The Mayor November 16, 2004
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A friend who is way too much of a social butterfly--knows a lot of peeps and is constantly stopping for quick heart-to-hearts with everyone they run into (this is annoying when you want their complete attention or you are trying to get somewhere on time)
by T February 05, 2005
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People use "the mayor" instead of "cool" or "rocks". My friends brother started saying it, and now lots of people have started using that expression. The opposite of "the mayor" would be "the janitor" which we use also.
"That party last night was the mayor!" ex for "the janitor"...."school is the janitor."
by StephCharp October 02, 2006
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The Mayor is yet another one of Batavia's bums. Often seen wearing a cowboy hat and boots. Although he is not the actual mayor he takes shits twice as big as the real mayor.
by Anonymous August 25, 2003
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A word to describe a person who thinks he is the founder or leader of everything, but in reality, is a seed.
Vivian - Did you see what Gavin just said. He thinks he is the shit.
Henry - Facts kids the mayor.
by whatbro99 January 23, 2020
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