A kickass pop punk band hailing from North Carolina who are Influenced by bands like Alkaline Trio, Green Day and Jawbreaker.
Their first, and as of right now, only full length album is titled "Isn't This Supposed To Be Fun!?" is definitely worth giving a listen to.
1. Hey Heather, I'm lost in your letters. Together, we can find something better. - Hey Heather

2. Me: Dude did you check out Farewell?
Dude: No I haven't.
Me: Well you should, cause they're really good.
by kodi666 January 4, 2009
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It means you want someone to fare well. Often used dramatically.
Juliet: Farewell, Romeo...
Romeo: Why are you so dramatic all the time
by some random person on internet January 20, 2022
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Hey I need to go to Farewell..and see my worker.
by Jade petro April 10, 2018
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n. to say goodbye forever

-a conventional expression used at leave-taking or parting with people and at the loss or rejection of things or ideas
Accept the truth that some people don't really care about you OR what you say or do.

This is when you must say, "Farewell" forever.
by farewelllovesucker July 24, 2013
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another word for goodbye that derives from the vikings, from the norwegian words: "far vell" which means "travel good".
by Jørund B. Fagerjord January 27, 2007
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When someone goes out of their way to brag about their holidays or their current idyllic location just so as to get kicked out of a group chat
Wello ' Hope you guys are enjoying work, I am currently in Fiji'
Admin - 'Thanks for the Wello farewell, bye...' <Kicks from group chat>
by HK_prop February 6, 2019
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