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(masculine) 1) A man whose mouth is bigger than his dick. 2) One who exaggerates sexual exploitations, or lies about who he has had sex with.
e.g., John that dick lip motherfucker said he fucked three chicks last night. Classical "You dick lip motherfucker...shut the fuck up!"
by Roland_07 August 15, 2007
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(techincal jargon) someone so drunk that they mistake objects, location, time and space with other objects, locations and places in time and space.
e.g. John was so Uncle Roger Drunk last night he though my sofa was urinal.
by Roland_07 August 20, 2007
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(masculine) tech. jargon on porn set - when a male actor on porn set is unable to acheive an erection, he pinches the base of his penis very hard so blood cannot get out.
e.g. Come on, John, you dragon master motherfucker, do that Kung Fu death grip and let's shoot the scene again from top.
by Roland_07 August 20, 2007
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(tech jargon for blow job money) 1) money that has been earned from the solicitation of oral sex. 2) a big roll of bills with a majority of the denomenation in Washingtons. 3) money earned from self-employment that the not reported on taxes. 4) money use to solicite favors such as votes, grades, or usual brides 5)a person male or female who commonly asks for favors. Common abbreviation: BJ money or chat BJ$ or BJ.
Nice roll you got there Jim...looks like you've been earning your blow BJ$.

The Mayor will do anything to get votes, and I hear he is running his campaign on BJ$.
by Roland_07 September 11, 2007
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(imperative)any number of lewd or obscene acts such as masturbation, exhibitionism or sexual activties performed in public spaces, such as parks, grocery stores, libraries, etc.
e.g., Damn, John, you hung like a motherfucker, you should go public with that shit.
(past) John was arrested for jerking off in the bus stop. He went public with it.
by Roland_07 August 21, 2007
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(technical jargon) When a situation you intended to turn out one way turns out to be completely something you never imagined. Often occuring the the area of politics, relationships or sports when an individual or group gets involved in a situation they cannot get out of. Often referred to as the state of being or art of being "fucked."
e.g. Damn, Dick, our foreign policy blows. We really self copulated when we invaded Iraq.
e.g. My date with Jill didn't turn out like I planned. She's not the dinner whore I thought she was, so I went home to contemplate with self copulation.
by Roland_07 September 21, 2007
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(tech. jargon) A term describing a woman who sways her hips from side to side making a wide cadillac turn as she walks. Often used to describe a woman who greatest asset is her luxurious looking bottom. A term is reversed for describe a high class bottom, such as that belonging to an apple bottom or bubble butt.
e.g., Damn, bro, did you see that lady turn the corner...she's got a cadillac azz.
e.g. Jane's got and ugly face, but she know how to walk with that cadillac azz.
e.g. Man, the woman's got an apple bottom plucked from the tree...she's got a high polish on that cadillac azz.
by Roland_07 October 03, 2007
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