Da, Fuckin Bizzies got me for speedin'
by BizLas November 30, 2003
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Police force, especially on Merseyside UK
Quick lets run here come the bizzie's
by Everton July 31, 2005
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The most beautiful flower on the planet earth. Sadly it is also the most rare. It has only been found once inside the amazonian rain forest.

Description: Colored red, green, violet, navy blue. Characteristics: A lotus flower, opens for a single moment in the night. Associated with the star movement above it.
Woman: Have you ever heard of the Bizzi flower?

Man: No?

Woman: It would be the most romantic thing in the world for you to make a replica of it for me!
by solowingsilver October 20, 2009
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In scouser slang (from Liverpool), it's the same as "cop".
I can tell you're from Merseyside, you just called that plod "bizzy".

Them bizzies are comin', run!
by V for Violet April 14, 2010
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Often misspelled as "busy," to be overcome with work to the point of dizziness.
My wife's "honey do" list has got me running bizzy around the house.
by SunshineHugsTrees August 5, 2009
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Paul smoked a bizzy with K and J
by Kevin September 7, 2004
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