In scouser slang (from Liverpool), it's the same as "cop".
I can tell you're from Merseyside, you just called that plod "bizzy".

Them bizzies are comin', run!
by V for Violet April 14, 2010
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A word for the Police mostly used by charvers in the north-east
Charvette: Ha ha thats buzzin that man how fuckin monged {pissed or high} amma {am i}?!
Charver: ha ha rites{word for damn right or hell yeah} am buzzin off me head im so monged
Charvette: SHITTTT here comes the bizzys quick dee {do} a blitz {run for your life} they'll tek {take} our peeve {alcohol} the dirty bastards!

*crew of twenty "blitz"}
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a conection between the term "babe" and "bitch"
Will you pour me another "drizzie" "bizzie"? Drizzie meaning drink.
by pleth March 25, 2003
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