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The most beautiful flower on the planet earth. Sadly it is also the most rare. It has only been found once inside the amazonian rain forest.

Description: Colored red, green, violet, navy blue. Characteristics: A lotus flower, opens for a single moment in the night. Associated with the star movement above it.
Woman: Have you ever heard of the Bizzi flower?

Man: No?

Woman: It would be the most romantic thing in the world for you to make a replica of it for me!
by solowingsilver October 19, 2009
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A very large and ferocious storm that occurs once every apocalypse. Often involves the burning of flesh and the incineration of many if not all plant life.
Man: Oh shit there is a large wall of flame coming this way, must be Fire Storm season.
by SolowingSilver October 18, 2009
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