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BIPOC don't have to be nice to you when you're threatening their existence. Support and amplify BIPOC. ✊🏿✊🏼✊🏾✊✊🏽✊🏻
by PheonixBritt October 20, 2018
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A post-modern term that continues the never-ending interjection of intersectionality into the "minority" experience. Previously, POC, or "people/person(s) of color" was the go-to term to describe non-whites in western civilization. However, because some POC's actually out-perform whites in western cultures related to education and income, and this hugely contradicts the post-modern narrative that "all POC's are oppressed by whites, always", post-modernism has adapted by continuing to break people into identity groups to reaffirm where the most true oppression exists. So, BIPOC means "Black and Indigenous People/Person(s) of Color", who are (according to post-modernism) some of the MOST oppressed people, and therefore are deserving of their own term.
BaiLing, you are a Chinese American. You barely qualify as a POC. I, however, am a Native American two-spirited vegan, AKA, a BIPOC. Because I have more melanin than you, I am far more deserving of society's empathy and special treatment.
by Shamaymayupyoshiiiii November 11, 2018
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'What's up with Janice? Ever since she started reading Tumblr blogs she has been promoting feminism but also making excuses for the treatment of women in the Middle East' 'Oh don't mind her, she's just being a BIPOC'
by AishaWasOnlyNine August 24, 2018
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