term that describes but rejects as false the phenomenon whereby activists against prejudice towards one group will attempt to position that prejudice as "worse" than the prejudice faced by another group
We get nowhere as feminists if we engage in the Oppression Olympics.
by Allison Amy April 29, 2008
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Oppression Olympics is the tactic used by Alt-Leftists in Western society that's used to silence people who are "privileged", attempting to render their qualms useless. The pecking order (Bottom to top) goes:
White straight men, black straight men, white straight women, white gay men, white gay women, black gay men, white transsexuals FtM, white transsexuals MtF, black straight women, black gay women, black transsexuals FtM, black transsexuals MtF.
Although the tactic is used by Alt-Leftists, the term is used by those who oppose it.
Person 1: "You know, I'm not huge on this new obsession with teaching African history to students over the Roman Empire"
Person 2: "Well lucky you're a white guy so your opinion is not required"
Person 1: "I ain't playing this Oppression Olympics shit with you, man."
by Opoisredkkvrov June 7, 2021
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