Spectacles (as in glasses). "Bins" is an abbreviation of binoculars.
Check out that guy's bins! They're like the bottoms of jam jars! He must be well blind.
by theFunction May 22, 2006
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The word bin is Okanagan slang for party, house party, or even field party.
It is a noun meaning a group of people drinking alcohol in one place.

Originally stemming from the word binder, but shortened to bin for convenience.
"Yo bro are you hitting the bin later"
"Sean is throwing a fat bin tonight"
by Ernest Peele December 7, 2019
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1) To be killed, or for instance when someone on screen get killed, not just slightly injured, but definitely made to be dead, in no uncertain terms, usually best said with appropriate emphasis -

2) To be totally fucked or wasted in the sense of having consumed too much narcotics or alcohol, usually a combination of both, or possibly just suffering from extreme fatigue, but conveying a total inability to move, let alone consume more substances -
1) "oh shit dude... that geezer in Dog Soldiers just got BINNED! by that Warewolf..."

2)Man #1 "dude... you want this spliff?"
Man #2 "nah... fuck that shit mate im binned!"
by Maccie April 6, 2007
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The feeling of feeling shit and tired of everything.
Exausted and done with life.
How are you
“Im so binned, im so tired!”
by SommerRayyy April 2, 2019
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1. n. What British, Irish, and Australian people, in their wisdom, call a garbage can.

2. v. To deposit something in said garbage can. Metaphorically, to jettison a person from one's social orbit.

British Person - Please bin that rubbish.
American Person - I beg your pardon?
British Person - By which I mean, please place it in that bin.
American Person - Oh, I see!
British Person - And please do it quickly or I'll be forced to bin you as well.
American Person - I certainly wouldn't want that, friend.
British Person - Nor would I, friend. Nor would I.
by Rutherford B. Hayes August 28, 2007
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Crash a vehicle in spectacular style. Crash to the point that anything you're driving or riding can only be put into the trash.
"Fucking hell. Did you see that crash in the F1? Loads of debris everywhere. I reckon anyone who drives through that will proper bin it."
by GameTripper March 17, 2020
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'Binning' is the art of leaning a bin on the outside of an inward opening door. The bin must be placed at a certain angle so that when the door is opened the bin will fall and create a startling noise and a characteristic *bang*, the decibal output of which depends on the material the bin is constructed of. This technique of 'Binning' was invented and developed by the now legendary UK STEALTH BINNING CORP®. The idea behind the prank is that whoever falls victim to a 'Binning' cannot punish those involved as they will have dispersed to an appropriate rendezvous point thus being able to deny any involvement in the binning incident. Different binning techniques show different levels of respect. A tall metal bin is the most lethal as this disperses the most rubbish and creates the most startling noise. A plastic bin with a bin bag should not disperse much rubbish therefore being less problomatic for the victim (a sign that you respect the victim more than the victim of a metal binning). Other materials have not yet been field tested but are currently under development. These include the Mk2 Metal Bin Stack and the Wooden Laundry Bin but information on these techniques will not be released until they have been adequatly tested. The art of binning was created as a action of jest which entailed a bin being placed against a toilet cubical door so after "unleashing their load" would have a bin fall down, but the art was soon lost and never used again. It was later rediscovered a month later and was deployed as a method of punishment to reap revenge on Mr Boyce (A skanky, sweaty, bearded, fat cunt). The most dangerous binning that ever transpired was a 'wheely bin' of which was set on fire and then placed against the door of somebodies place of residence in the middle of the night.
That, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls is the art or binning. Thanks for reading.
Your a teacher in your class. Your alone finishing some paperwork. The bell goes for lunchtime. You hear the occasional group of youths run past shouting but other than that its fairly quiet. About ten minutes into break, you hear a rustle at your closed door. You think nothing of it and carry on working. But then just 10 seconds after, theres a knock at the door. You hoist yourself up and walk over to the door. As you get to the door your sixth sense kicks in and you know somethings wrong. If it was a teacher they would've walked straight in after knocking. So you figure it must be a student. You gather up your teachers authority, rise up on your heels to look taller and open the door to confront whoever is on the other side. Then, out of nowhere...


Ladies and gentlemen, the art, of DOOR BINNING!!! *takes a bow, bins a door*

(additional notes: use a metal bin not a plastic one as it makes a louder bang and you can hear it further down the corridor if you have to make a quick getaway.)

assistance...if caught setting up a bin, simply say you were moving it to a more appropriate location, if your caught by a door thats about to be binned, say your testing some physics and the pattern of gravity then to add insult to injury, knock on the door to prove that gravity exists then for that added thrill RUN AWAY.
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