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An ASSHOLE FUCKING SHITHOLE.... who thinks he is THE shit..
But truly he is a sexist DINGO PUSSY. He thinks he is the master of everything but poor kid was dropped at birth and now he is delusional...
He suffers from severe tourettes...
And Szonja is sm more better than him at everything..
Girl: look its Charlie D!
Boy: Ewww tellhim to get back to the swamp hes a fucking dingo!!
by SommerRayyy August 26, 2019
Nicole is absolutely stunning. She is a very good friend and very loving.

She rejects boys but gets sad if she doesnt have a bf.

She has a crush on her PE teacher and spies on him when he is swimming.
Nicole is an open minded girl but doesnt go out much.
She speaks spanish (no she doesnt she is portugese)
Look its nicole
“Wow she is gorgeous
by SommerRayyy April 1, 2019
Means “taking a shit

(Careful what context you use it in because can be misunderstood..)
Friend: Hey what took you so long?
Me: Oh sorry i was rocking... ahah
Friend: oh shit man.. I understand
by SommerRayyy January 4, 2020
Aka Twan, Twonny and sexy.

He is such a dickbum because he is weaker than girls. Girls can easily wrestle him so he is practically a girl... he loves to jawline flex and take ab showing mirror pics..
Girl 1 : look its sexy twan!
Girl 2: nah Antoine is just a dickbum, szonja beat him up...
by SommerRayyy May 23, 2019
The feeling of feeling shit and tired of everything.
Exausted and done with life.
How are you
“Im so binned, im so tired!”
by SommerRayyy April 2, 2019
: “Okay then we go” This is said in a foreign accent, a hungarian girl invented it and her whole achool started using this accent to piss their teachers off.
Person : “ur not allowed to be here”
Szonja: “Okay den ve go”
by SommerRayyy April 1, 2019
A portugese lad, very commited, and loves to keep in shape. Goes to the gym because he wants to have the body of a greek god.
Fran is genuenly a sweet caring guy, and whoevers friends with him is very lucky.
Fran is one of the funniest guys and loves joking around yet he can be serious if he needs.

He is always sound and never akward!
Oo look its fran
“I wish he liked me..”
by SommerRayyy April 1, 2019