A party held in the middle of a field or farm crop so to avoid parents and police. Usually held by under age partiers and accompanied by a keg purchased by an older sibling.
"Ok, to get to the field party go down road 19380, turn left at the dirt road at the hay bales and drive until you see the keg!"
by jplanet November 13, 2007
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An amazing place to party if you're looking for an awful time. You're not getting laid from any girls that show up if you don't have a razor or a truck that's beat to shit. Not to mention that most of the girls that show up there are still in High School. Average age of men that arrive are 19-22. Average age of woman that arrive are 15-18. The young girls are always up for a good and sexual time if you provide alcohol and a ride in your razor. You may think their fires are made out of firewood? Nope, their fires are made out of used tires. In this case, if you've been to any field parties at fairs, you should probably get a CT scan the following month to see if you have lung cancer. Locals may show up and either stab or shoot you. If your bored and that's your type of crowd, get out there!
Hey what are you up to tonight man?
Nothing, I might go to fair's field party?
Don't go unless you have a razor or a taste in underage woman...
uhhh I'm good, It doesn't sound like a very good time...
That's what I thought, let that cesspool have fun!
by sneakydudedictionary December 6, 2019
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