Acronym for “Bank Identification Number.” It is the first 6 digits of a credit or debit card. It is useful for scammers to know which types of cards are good and which types are bad.

Example: If a credit card number is

4184 8163 9163 0164
Then “418481” would be the BIN.
Teejayx6: My BINs fire they all hit.
by YeeezyBusta December 4, 2019
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acronym for Back In Nam. The true definition is unknown.
by Tom Wellington February 13, 2012
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Bin-Bin to be beyond.
Bin-Bin is
by abmxlife September 1, 2008
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Term used in Ireland to describe drunkenness.
'Jaysis man, I was binned last night!'
by 1759 December 17, 2008
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Buy It Now. If you were to buy something you can offer a buy it now price.
You offer 200? I BIN for 250.
by robwondersz September 1, 2006
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joey- "yoo madisson is in the bin"
drake- "that's fcked yoo"
by BEANNZZ. February 7, 2009
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He looked like he was gonna get it done, but then totally binned it
by SakefromJateFarm February 25, 2021
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