Whenever something didn’t go your way it’s going going to be almost impossible to fully recover from.
Aw man, I heard that those two just broke up.. that’s a BIG OOF!
by Trashist April 10, 2018
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Something so cringe or sad that leaves you speechless so you say big oof
Woah did you see Miguel’s poupularity fall BIG OOF
by Yeetus fetus deleteus January 24, 2019
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Used to express your feelings about a subject. If the word 'oof' just doesn't sum up the situation well enough, use 'BIG OOF' instead.
Person 1: My cat just died
Person 2: BIG OOF
by ARCHIE JR IS A GOD January 13, 2019
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When someone says something so hot you feel wrecked
Dude, Ivy sent me a photo last night… BIG OOF
by Survivetodie May 6, 2022
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what you say when u hav big oof
person 1:Oh man that is succ!
person 2:BIG OOF!
by OoFiE gOoBeR November 14, 2018
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When the situation is so bad you need a louder Oof sound but can't replicate it.
Person one: Your forhead is so large you could put solar panels on them and power an entire city.
Bystander: that was a Big Oof
by Fetus deletus 445 August 28, 2018
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