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A beautiful and cute girl, who is very forgiving, and will love you no matter how you treat her. She is a shy, cute, down to earth girl. However, can be very outgoing, fun to be around, wild, and weird when befriended. She catches people's eyes. She loves animals, art, outdoors, and being surrounded by nature.

She is smart, but does not try very hard. Lazy at times, but still tries. She is hardworking and when doing something she loves.

Doesn't talk a lot about herself, and listens to other people. She gets sad really easily, but most of the time tries to hide it. She has a fragile sole. Smiles all the time. She isn't fake. She is one of the sweetest people you'll find.
1)Dude, she's beautiful.

2)Woah, that girl is probably an Ivy
by Fluffffybunny01 April 05, 2015
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Bestest friend a girl could have. She is the sweetest of all and she would never hurt you. She is a joker but comes threw in the end. She is the best girlfriend too. She loves every one and no one hates her she is amazing and fun and beautiful .if u meet an Ivy become friends with her immediately!!!
Me: he did you see Ivy

Friend :ya she is the best we should go hang out with her
by megmeggie January 22, 2014
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A girl with a brave front but a shy inside she will let people believe she is strong, and she is but she is sensitive
Ivy is so brave, how does she do it?
by I6P3H_all I names June 15, 2016
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Usually likes memes, and will never talk to you again if you call her poison ivy. Completely obsessed with a television show and tends to prefer being in power.
Ivy got no sleep last night because she wanted to finish season 9 of Supernatural.
by plantplantplantplantplantplant December 27, 2016
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The best loving cutest in the universe has great talent all the boys like her and she loves her boyfriend with her heart.she is loving kind amazing kind loving awesome funny down to earth girl
It's Ivy

I don't have a chance
I love her
by L32I June 08, 2016
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Cute, shy, down to earth girl. However, can be very outgoing and fun to be around when befriended. Loves to be outdoors, preferably surrounded by nature.

Is very smart, but does not try very hard. Lazy at times but still somewhat tries. Hardworking when doing something that interests her.

Doesn't talk a lot about herself, and often listens to other people. Always happy and joking around. Smiles all the time, and never lets others see her sad.
Hates when people call her "poison ivy".

Likes tall guys, with deep voices; usually asian. (and named Chris) Wants to approach her crush but is scared he doesn't feel the same way about her.
1: Hey do you know Ivy?
2: Yea, she's so small and cute!
by gradgfdgds April 23, 2011
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1. A beautiful young woman usually described as an angel incarnated on earth and/or characterized by excessive joy, jubilance expressed in pulchritudinous smiles, and overwhelming and humbling modesty and kindess. Ivys usually possess lushious, curly hair that is the envy of all as well as superior intelligence (typically a year's education ahead of all her peers). Ivys are as smart as Michael Scott if he were really smart. Ivy's are often sweet and calm, but they really express their emotions through the graceful art of dance. On rare occaisions do Ivys let loose... and when they do, they are pleasantly goofy and quirky.

2. An ornamental plant.
"Dude, check out that chick... She's totally rippin' up the dance competition with her ravagingly raw moves. I hear she's in like AP Brain Surgery."
"Yeah... she must be an Ivy."
by Lover of Rome February 08, 2012
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