Bookmarked, Brainmarked, Stainmarked. In reference to a good porn site or hot girl who you'll be remembering later on.
Yo you see shawty over there with them big titties and big ass... bbs... b.b.s.
by nashtime February 15, 2011
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When you are taking a dump and when the turd comes out it falls apart before hitting the water resembling a bunch of bb's in the bottom of the toilet
#1 where were you? #2 Taking a dump. #1 was it a good one? #2 no, I just farted and shot some B B's!
by choad666 January 20, 2006
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Another way to say brb, only this stands for "be back soon".
Person 1: Gtg to dinner, bbs!
Person 2: Kk lol :D
by bone-app-the-teeth December 15, 2013
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"Who is your BBS partner?"
"I have a whole line of partners!"
by csgirl May 05, 2009
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